Snow Dogs Have the Right Idea

At a time of year when I’m more likely to be thinking of snow cones than actual snow, I was sent this great winter video (see below). Two dogs, with one appearing to take the lead, are having a fine time goofing around in the snow. They have absolutely no need for sleds or other accoutrements of winter activities. It’s just put your head down, get on your side, and slide away. Then do it again, and again, and again after that. Sheer joy of movement and sensation.

I shiver at the sight of all that snow, but that might have more to do with the fact that I’m in warm weather mode now. Hardly dressed to go tumbling down snow hills. But from my shorts and computer view, I delight at their carefree exuberance. And know that that may well be me, though much less elegantly, when winter rolls around again.

The joie de vivre of other animals is something this human animal strives for. The glee and innocence of childhood is probably the closest we come. But I like to think we can retain, or regain, some of that. Though tempered with adult awareness and larger realities, if we can let go even briefly, and just be the child in all of us, we can still enjoy those simple joys of snowtime, and childhood, and adulthood too if we choose.

Sledding, making snowballs, snow angels, and snowmen…err snowpeople I guess I should say, but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it somehow… And don’t forget that hot chocolate that comes after, when your snow dampened clothes are changed for dry, and you’re cozy once again inside, watching winter continue. Refreshed and exhausted at the same time.

Thinking of snow in the northern hemisphere at this time of year may seem strange, and perhaps it is. But it drives home the awareness of how fast things change, how brief each season is, and how much there is to be enjoyed and savoured about them all. And I think there’s an added intensity when we see them juxtapositioned so closely. Warm weather in real life, cold in cyber life with this video, a way to almost experience both simultaneously.

Mind you, right now I’m really enjoying the emerging warmth and longer days. Warm evenings and spring scents floating about, from blossoms to barbecues. A different warm and cozy from what we’ll know again come winter. I love spring. Then again, I love every fresh new season, for each feels new and welcome every time.

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