Have you Watered Your Clock Lately?

water clockFeeling like something a little lighter today? Something fun? How about another essentially ‘free to power’ gadget? Not solar this time, but water. No dam or massive flow of water needed for this one however. Just less than a glass of the stuff and these clever little clocks can run for days, weeks, some longer. Thinkgeek.com describes the process this way: “The internal converter simply extracts electrons from water (or other liquid) molecules and provides a steady stream of electrical current acting as a fuel cell to generate power to the clock.” No batteries required, just a little H2O.

Kind of makes that ol’ potato clock seem unnecessarily advanced and fancy. Why not eliminate the middle man, or middle potato? I don’t know why, but the whole idea of running an electrical gadget with water amuses me. I guess it’s science class memories or wherever I picked up the notion about short circuiting things if you spill water on them. Speaking of that, that reminds me I better move my glass of water a little further away from the computer – just to be safe.

But here water is not only the electrical gadget’s friend, but its energy source. I always new water was our life force, I just never knew it could be a clock’s life, well energy, force. As it turns out there’s a few different designs of these water clocks. Some are more typical looking like the (aside from the water tubes) Leeds 1025-77 Elements Water Powered Clock – Black, others are a little wackier.Leeds 1025-77 Elements Water Powered Clock - Black
With the Tango Group H2O Water Powered Multifunction Clock II you simply rotate the clock 90 degrees to change between the bonus feature of having four different modes – time, temperature, alarm, and timer.

There’s even a water clock shaped like a soda can whose “tinted transparent body displays the electrode plates that harness power from the water.” Pretty cool, and literally cool depending on the temperature of its energy.

If you’re feeling decadent and want to treat your clock to a little flavour, apparently any electrolytic fluid will do – like coffee, soda pop or beer. The latter two seem especially suited to that ‘can’ clock, if you can, or care to waste such beverages. Then again, novelty factor and a little silliness can go a long way in brightening a day, when it seems the world has gone wacky in a bad way.

And hey, if you want to brighten your day even further, there’s the water clock whose water reservoir also holds flowers. Talk about some busy and in demand water – telling time and hydrating flowers all at the same time. Maybe it deserves a spot of flavour too. Cheers!

Water Powered Clock

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