Printer Use According to Marcus the Cat

cat-and-printer-2One of the great things about kids and animals are there automatic and uninhibited reactions to things. I think that’s one of the reasons we love watching animals and little kids enjoy the world. And hopefully it’s not just vicariously enjoying their silly fun, but making it our own as well, remembering how fun it can be to have simple fun. Living it, always.

Imagine too the potential stress relief of the daily office grind if you could experience paper coming out of a printer the way Marcus the cat does. Not important papers perhaps, and not all the time, but some of it. If we could take time marveling at the convenience, efficiency, and affordability of printers nowadays.

And be delighted by the mechanics of them – the whirr of the printer’s inner workings, the popping out of a piece of paper nearly instantly transformed from blank sheet to printed document. Little things that are taken for granted now that were once unheard of. Talk about being far removed from centuries long past and monks copying out books by hand.

So as I watch this YouTube video of Marcus helping his person with his printing – with used paper that was later recycled – I take delight in watching his zeal. But I also know I won’t be looking at simple ejected printer paper in quite the same, simple way. It’s a lot more fun Marcus’ way.

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  1. My cats all delight in my printer. As soon as they hear it start up they come running. I suppose it is something they don’t understand and their curiosity compels them to try and figure out what it is.

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