What Else Will Germ-Killing Paper Towels Kill?

What is this thing we have about germs? Easy to forget sometimes we are a bacteria factory ourselves, and supposed to be that way. We could never digest food if we didn’t have this symbiotic relationship with these little organisms. I remember being freaked out as a kid when I… Continue reading

Cash Register Receipts Coated with BPA

Sometimes I think the happiest existence would be in some tiny out of the way place, cut-off from modern civilization. Living off the land, oblivious to what’s going on in the outside world. Then I think about all I would miss, including all the amazing things that have been dreamt… Continue reading

The Happiness Barometer Shocker – Real Trumps Virtual

There’s a new report out, The Happiness Barometer, which like so many studies, presents some earth-shattering and shocking discoveries. Did you know that face-to-face socializing makes us happier than online socializing? Who would have thought? I don’t mean to be so overtly facetious; it just strikes me as funny when… Continue reading

Digging in the Dirt

Depending on where you live, the soil may or may not be ready for planting. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, winter is fast approaching. But where we are, spring is upon us. When not doing all that cleaning and sorting, or perhaps in place of it if the weather… Continue reading

Nature’s Cat Food II – Now Chicks to Go with Those Mice

I’ve written previously about feeding whole prey instead of commercial or even homemade pet food, and the many advantages I’ve seen both first hand, and ones that just intuitively make sense to me. Ground whole animal patties are a great alternative, but from a feline perspective, they just don’t sell… Continue reading

Water from Plastic Bottles or the Tap

It’s really interesting, and a walk down memory lane, to be reminded how there was a time not that long ago when the idea of selling bottled water would have been almost laughable. Sure we’ll pay for a bottle of flavoured liquid, but plain ordinary water? Crazy. And yet it’s… Continue reading

What’s New As We Hit Post 100 Today

Hard to believe it’s already been a hundred days and a hundred posts since I started this blog. And yet at the same time, I almost can’t remember not writing here daily. Of course what does that say about my memory then? But once you start doing something you place… Continue reading

Follow-up on Simply Fido Organic Dog Toys

A couple of months ago I wrote about some wonderful organic dog toys made by Simply Fido. I discussed the big advantages, and in my opinion great importance of going organic, and not toxic for something our dogs are going to chew on, and end up partially ingesting. Company information/background:… Continue reading

Easter Fun – Cyber and Not

Easter fun doesn’t just have to be for kids. A kid at heart, and hopefully always to be one, I still get a kick out of silly little things. Sometimes there’s a nostalgic element, like decorating eggs with those little colour pellets dissolved in vinegar. Other times it’s something new,… Continue reading

Mermaid Tears – Plastic Health Danger

Besides the dangers of ocean plastic consumption to the albatross and other birds and marine life, there are the dangers to the entire food chain. By being the animal who eats those who have eaten others, we have no real predator ourselves. As such, we humans ultimately get all the… Continue reading