Comprehensive Coverage by CNN on 'Toxic America'

There was a very interesting program on CNN the other night that I found very refreshing. Their coverage of ‘Toxic America’ as they called it, was very extensive and offered hopeful alternatives as well as the scary chemical facts. It’s not often that I agree with so much of mainstream… Continue reading

Cash Register Receipts Coated with BPA

Sometimes I think the happiest existence would be in some tiny out of the way place, cut-off from modern civilization. Living off the land, oblivious to what’s going on in the outside world. Then I think about all I would miss, including all the amazing things that have been dreamt… Continue reading

Water from Plastic Bottles or the Tap

It’s really interesting, and a walk down memory lane, to be reminded how there was a time not that long ago when the idea of selling bottled water would have been almost laughable. Sure we’ll pay for a bottle of flavoured liquid, but plain ordinary water? Crazy. And yet it’s… Continue reading

Mermaid Tears – Plastic Health Danger

Besides the dangers of ocean plastic consumption to the albatross and other birds and marine life, there are the dangers to the entire food chain. By being the animal who eats those who have eaten others, we have no real predator ourselves. As such, we humans ultimately get all the… Continue reading

Coffee in Stainless Steel Please

At one time or another, it seems like we’re told just about everything is both good and bad for us. Do this, no, do that. I remember years ago they, the all-knowing mysterious ‘they’, were saying lettuce caused cancer. Of course, obstinate me postured of course it does, everything can,… Continue reading