15th Century Version of Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter

We have been preserving our communications probably as long as we have been. From cave drawings to hieroglyphics to alphabets the world over, languages continue to evolve. Although I suspect many would say it’s devolved a bit since the advent of digital shorthand, IYKWIM (if you know what I mean,… Continue reading

The Happiness Barometer Shocker – Real Trumps Virtual

There’s a new report out, The Happiness Barometer, which like so many studies, presents some earth-shattering and shocking discoveries. Did you know that face-to-face socializing makes us happier than online socializing? Who would have thought? I don’t mean to be so overtly facetious; it just strikes me as funny when… Continue reading

Snow Dogs Have the Right Idea

At a time of year when I’m more likely to be thinking of snow cones than actual snow, I was sent this great winter video (see below). Two dogs, with one appearing to take the lead, are having a fine time goofing around in the snow. They have absolutely no… Continue reading

Touchscreens to Be Powered by Our Touch

We live in exciting times indeed. Despite being an old soul and loving many things old-fashioned, right at home in the Little House on the Prairie world, there is most definitely an inner geek in me. Absolutely intrigued and captivated by so much of the technological advances that keep on… Continue reading

Easter Fun – Cyber and Not

Easter fun doesn’t just have to be for kids. A kid at heart, and hopefully always to be one, I still get a kick out of silly little things. Sometimes there’s a nostalgic element, like decorating eggs with those little colour pellets dissolved in vinegar. Other times it’s something new,… Continue reading

Welcome to my new blog!

If you were looking for Elizabeth Ely’s Harp Page (my previous incarnation as a harpist) it’s alive and well offering sound clips, CDs, and little harp ramblings just as before. However, it’s address is now www.elizabethely.com/harp What you will now find at www.elizabethely.com aka Elizabeth Ely dot Com are the… Continue reading