Airbus Fantasy Plane Meets Star Trek

On the subject of air travel and reducing its carbon footprint, or flyprint as I have decided I like to call it, I wrote yesterday about Boeing’s lower emission 787 Dreamliner. For all its improvements environmentally and in passenger comfort, it still looks more or less like airplanes look these… Continue reading

Grocery Store Wars Video Still Playing

I first saw this great little video parody when it first came out a few years ago, but I hadn’t seen it since. I’m so glad Grocery Store Wars is still floating about as it was really fun to see it again. A classic example of how humour can deliver… Continue reading

No Justice for Cancelled Law & Order

On Friday, NBC announced it was cancelling Law & Order, the original version that started it all. While perhaps not of earth shattering importance in the grand scheme of things, I have watched the show faithfully ever since it began 20 years ago. That ties Gunsmoke as the longest-running prime… Continue reading

Touchscreens to Be Powered by Our Touch

We live in exciting times indeed. Despite being an old soul and loving many things old-fashioned, right at home in the Little House on the Prairie world, there is most definitely an inner geek in me. Absolutely intrigued and captivated by so much of the technological advances that keep on… Continue reading

Replica Star Trek Gadgets Redux

In light of the futuristic nature of yesterday’s post, I thought it might be fun to look at a few crazy gadgets that while inspired by the future, are actually available today. More specifically, Star Trek coming to us now in a new way. Memorabilia attached to movies and television… Continue reading

Convolving Computer of the Future

In the late 1960’s who would have thought the communicators used by Captain Kirk and company would in essence become reality in the form of cell phones, and be completely commonplace today. What seemed like pure science fiction and imagination was willed into existence by inventive and creative minds who… Continue reading