A Tripe Down Dog Food Lane

Given the popularity of a post a few months ago on green tripe for dogs (and cats), I thought today I’d look at dehydrated tripe treats. For years we’ve fed ground up frozen green tripe. I’ve even gotten more or less used to the distinctive ‘farm’ odour of the stuff.… Continue reading

Nature’s Cat Food II – Now Chicks to Go with Those Mice

I’ve written previously about feeding whole prey instead of commercial or even homemade pet food, and the many advantages I’ve seen both first hand, and ones that just intuitively make sense to me. Ground whole animal patties are a great alternative, but from a feline perspective, they just don’t sell… Continue reading

Nature's Cat Food

We had already seen many dramatic health improvements from feeding raw to our animals: better coats, weight control, breath and teeth, body functions in general, healthier immune systems, and just plain friskier with more energy. But about five years ago another rather big diet modification became necessary. This incredible cat… Continue reading