Together – A Poem

I’m posting something a little different here. I wrote most of this poem after the death of a loved one a couple of years ago. I’d forgotten about the poem until I came across it recently and decided to finish it.

It’s interesting for me to see where my mind and heart was just a few short months post-death. It surprises me some, but in a good way. A little window into that time.

And while it was written for someone real, and under different circumstances than those in the fictional Life’s Attic (I touched on this in “Flying Time”), it reminds me just how similar death can be, whoever it is. Why we call it a loss. And that while it is that, that’s not all it is, not all is has to be.

Here’s to life!

“Together” by Elizabeth Ely

You have died.
Just now.
Or was it months ago?
Time has been so modified.

Your love
One thing I know
Holds me safe still
Wherever you are above or below.

In the ground
In ashes
It does not matter.
You are all around.

I don’t see you anymore
I can’t touch you
But you keep touching my heart
Loving me just as before.

The rainbow that reigned
The bells that rang so clear
The coincidences and happenings
So beautifully unexplained.

These signs you send
Amaze and comfort
And tell me you go on.
May they never end.

I still cry when I think
Of the form that is gone.
No matter how many years we had
It was over in a blink.

But I smile when I feel
The being you are now
Carrying on in another realm
You are still completely real.

I know this
Because I feel it
When I let go
When I don’t think of all I miss.

You as you are now
Are free of pain and suffering.
You deserved that always
But you endured all that for us.

So we could be together
Same form same realm
For as long as possible
But at last you are free.

I don’t know how you did it
I’m not as strong as you
The fight you fought
Proved you do not quit.

And so I ask you
Though I need not
Stay with me as you can
But not at your own expense.

Don’t wait for me to join you
Be a part of wherever you are.
Not alive and well now
But dead and well.

And oh, how I do want to live
Long and hard and full
Such a journey we’re both still on
You just a little farther ahead.

Each of us with our own path
But only for now
Until I join you.
Until I die.

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  1. WOW!! I think your poem is great!! It did give me tears in the eyes because it always touched feelings I have but can’t express.
    Thank you.

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