Life's Attic is Now Available!

I am very pleased to announce that Life’s Attic has now been released. Yay! Please visit the Life’s Attic page of this site for full details, including how to get an autographed copy. Gee, that sounds so immodest and weird to say, but it is a request I received from some of those who obtained advance copies, so my pen is ready.

I have also received a number of questions from those curious about my experiences with the writing and publishing process. I am planning to blog about this soon. If you have a question or detail you’re particularly curious about, please let me know. It will be such fun to revisit all the gloriously fascinating, frustrating, tedious, challenging, and rewarding moments.

What’s that old saying? Something about how if you knew what you were in for before you started something, then you never would have done it. Well, while there were indeed moments like that for me, I also always knew that, no matter what, I just had to write Life’s Attic. And at long last, here it is. 🙂

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