Forget Jail, Forget Nursing Homes, Take a Cruise

The following joke/scenario thing reminds me of an earlier forward I wrote about which contrasted life in prison and a nursing home. It also brings to mind the old chestnut, “the truest words are spoken in jest.” Underneath so many of these little comedy bits are some pretty apt observations… Continue reading

Where’s the Justice with Concurrent Prison Sentences?

I’m no expert on criminology, or the justice and prison systems, so maybe there’s something I’m missing, there probably is, or at least I hope there is. But I do not understand the logic of concurrent sentences. Every time I read or hear about another judge handing out sentences for… Continue reading

Jail Versus Nursing Home – Time To Swap?

Sometimes you get an email forward that you just can’t resist sharing. “Jail vs Nursing  Home” has the benefit of being both funny, and also contributing a great social commentary on some rather skewed priorities. I suppose in all fairness, the rights and treatment of these two segments of the… Continue reading