Phone’s Ringing Again – Must be a Telemarketer

A thought occurred to me when I was abruptly woken up yesterday just past the crack of dawn. By the phone. By the phone ringing. And ringing long enough for the answering machine to pick up. Automated caller or human being? I have no idea. I would have known of course if whoever or whatever it was had had the simple human, or human programming, decency to leave a message after intruding into our air space with their sound waves.

privacy_telemarketing2Judging by the call display, there’s not even a possible time zone excuse. Even if they were unaware of any time difference, they still called before businesses were open in their own area. And it was earlier here. The logic escapes me of calling then. Even if I had answered this unsolicited call, who in their right mind wants to hear about whatever they were selling or promoting at the hour of the day?

I sure understand the sentiment of someone who, like so many of us, got fed up with telemarketing phone calls. She put it this way, “I pay the phone bill, so it’s my business if I want to answer it or not.”

song-chart-memes-interested-telemarketersYou’d think in this day and age of call display, that some of these unsolicited phone calls would have stopped, or at least decreased. Do they not think people are screening their calls and simply avoiding them? Yet I’ve seen unknown numbers or 1-800 numbers that just keep on trying at all different times of the day, including too early and too late to be polite. And never is there any message left. If what they had to offer was so darn wonderful, and if they politely left a message, then maybe they’d get an occasional call back. As it is, they just get ignored.

Other unwanted callers of course do leave messages. You know those lovely ‘you’ve won a trip’ ones, or ‘you recently entered a draw and won’ (when you have NOT entered any draws anywhere of course), or one of my personal favourites, ‘there’s nothing wrong with your credit, but it is urgent you call us…” Yeah, right.

I guess since telemarketing companies keep on calling though, that their rude and sometimes dishonest tactics must work enough of the time to make it worthwhile for them to continue bugging the rest of us. Oops, gotta go, the phone’s ringing….


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