Phone’s Ringing Again – Must be a Telemarketer

A thought occurred to me when I was abruptly woken up yesterday just past the crack of dawn. By the phone. By the phone ringing. And ringing long enough for the answering machine to pick up. Automated caller or human being? I have no idea. I would have known of… Continue reading

Politics and Religion – Taboo Talk or Opportunity?

Whoever first said ‘don’t discuss politics and religion’ may have been on to something. It is probably one of the surest ways to turn friends into enemies, or at least damage friendships. But perhaps that happens because we don’t discuss these taboo subjects enough, rather than too much. I very… Continue reading

Still More Info on Tobacco Testing on Animals

The power of the internet never ceases to amaze me. The worldwide instant communication with people you’d never otherwise come into contact with truly makes our world feel as small as we know it is. This was brought home to me again when I received an email just a few… Continue reading

TV Ad Campaign Deemed Too Suggestive

Ah the invincibility of youth, or at least the perceived invincibility. And the incredulity of decision makers, advertisers and government officials in this case. But that feeling of being invincible, that sense of immortality that can come with youth, was reaffirmed in drinking and driving surveys of “young men [which]… Continue reading

15th Century Version of Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter

We have been preserving our communications probably as long as we have been. From cave drawings to hieroglyphics to alphabets the world over, languages continue to evolve. Although I suspect many would say it’s devolved a bit since the advent of digital shorthand, IYKWIM (if you know what I mean,… Continue reading

The Happiness Barometer Shocker – Real Trumps Virtual

There’s a new report out, The Happiness Barometer, which like so many studies, presents some earth-shattering and shocking discoveries. Did you know that face-to-face socializing makes us happier than online socializing? Who would have thought? I don’t mean to be so overtly facetious; it just strikes me as funny when… Continue reading

Powerless…A Great Comfort

Anthony Hopkins just has a way of saying things, and I’m talking beyond the famous Hannibal Lecter Chianti line. One phrase that has stayed with me, and that I can still hear in my head at will, is from Meet Joe Black. As Bill Parish at his birthday celebration, he… Continue reading

Welcome to my new blog!

If you were looking for Elizabeth Ely’s Harp Page (my previous incarnation as a harpist) it’s alive and well offering sound clips, CDs, and little harp ramblings just as before. However, it’s address is now What you will now find at aka Elizabeth Ely dot Com are the… Continue reading