Titanic Controversy Set Aside for New Expedition

The Titanic has long been the subject of controversy. From the myriad of mistakes and circumstances that tragically came together April 14, 1912 to the inadequate loading of lifeboats in the very early morning hours of April 15, 1912. From the different hearings and results into the disaster to speculation… Continue reading

Happy Earth and Avatar DVD Release Day

A couple of days ago, I listed a few companies with special Earth Day offers, noting the irony of consumption on this occasion. Speaking of other marketing campaigns, here’s one tailor made for Earth Day. The April 22nd 2010 release of Avatar on DVD and Blu-ray. It almost seems designed… Continue reading

Titanic Sank 98 Years Ago Today

If there had been no iceberg in its path 98 years ago, we likely would hardly even remember the name Titanic. But there was, and we do. Some of us maybe think of it more than others, but it’s forever in our history as the ship that couldn’t sink, but… Continue reading