Criminal Minds Slashes Female Leads

Does someone not want me to watch television anymore? First Law & Order, the original and best in my opinion, gets cancelled just before it breaks the record of 20 years for longest running prime time drama, and now some pretty disturbing cast changes are being made on another favourite,… Continue reading

DVD Indoor Fun for Cats and Dogs

While I don’t want to turn cats and dogs into fellow couch potatoes, and nothing beats the great outdoors and fresh air, there are times when indoor entertainment has a place. Roaming free is just not a safe option in most places anymore, not to mention leash laws and needed… Continue reading

Different Treatment for End of Lost and Law & Order

As the 2009-2010 television season winds down, a number of shows have aired their last new episodes. Cancelled. Two notable shows in particular come to my mind. Lost and Law & Order. While I’ve written about Law & Order and its abrupt cancellation, I have not mentioned Lost before. But… Continue reading

No Justice for Cancelled Law & Order

On Friday, NBC announced it was cancelling Law & Order, the original version that started it all. While perhaps not of earth shattering importance in the grand scheme of things, I have watched the show faithfully ever since it began 20 years ago. That ties Gunsmoke as the longest-running prime… Continue reading

Happy Earth and Avatar DVD Release Day

A couple of days ago, I listed a few companies with special Earth Day offers, noting the irony of consumption on this occasion. Speaking of other marketing campaigns, here’s one tailor made for Earth Day. The April 22nd 2010 release of Avatar on DVD and Blu-ray. It almost seems designed… Continue reading

Titanic Sank 98 Years Ago Today

If there had been no iceberg in its path 98 years ago, we likely would hardly even remember the name Titanic. But there was, and we do. Some of us maybe think of it more than others, but it’s forever in our history as the ship that couldn’t sink, but… Continue reading

My Headaches Are Part of Me

One of my headaches. I say that. One of my not a. Maybe I’m just so familiar with them, they’ve been with me off and on for so long, they feel like part of the family, mine. Or maybe it’s because by possessing them, making them my own in some… Continue reading

Three Little Words…Not Those

Taking a more light hearted approach to death today. But before I go on, if for some reason you’ve never seen Meet Joe Black, but plan to one day, maybe you better not read any further. I don’t want to spoil anything. Thus the rather vague title of the post… Continue reading

Replica Star Trek Gadgets Redux

In light of the futuristic nature of yesterday’s post, I thought it might be fun to look at a few crazy gadgets that while inspired by the future, are actually available today. More specifically, Star Trek coming to us now in a new way. Memorabilia attached to movies and television… Continue reading