Titanic Sank 98 Years Ago Today

If there had been no iceberg in its path 98 years ago, we likely would hardly even remember the name Titanic. But there was, and we do. Some of us maybe think of it more than others, but it’s forever in our history as the ship that couldn’t sink, but… Continue reading

My Headaches Are Part of Me

One of my headaches. I say that. One of my not a. Maybe I’m just so familiar with them, they’ve been with me off and on for so long, they feel like part of the family, mine. Or maybe it’s because by possessing them, making them my own in some… Continue reading

Movies for Dessert

How about a movie to go with that dinner yesterday? A digital dessert of sorts. While not organic, they all do feature living, breathing, organic beings, aka us humans. So with that in mind, here are a few movies available on DVD that may be a little less well known, but that are all among my personal favourites. Continue reading

Baz Luhrmann’s La Boheme

La Boheme - David Hobson
There is perhaps nothing more subjective than art in its many forms. Two people can look or listen to the same thing, and see or hear a completely different thing. Thankfully, we each get to have our own artistic favourites.

One that I have held dear since I first heard it a few years ago, is Opera Australia’s 1993 production of La Boheme, directed by Baz Luhrmann. Starring David Hobson and Cheryl Barker, it was recorded live and is available on DVD. Continue reading