A Place for Both Books and E-Books

Nothing like a good book. An expression that holds true for so many of us, and probably has since written language first developed. And certainly since the printing press and mass publication of books began reaching the masses. When it comes to books, the last few years have probably seen… Continue reading

iMusings on iPad, WePad, Now WeTab

Even though it has yet to be released, the WePad I wrote about a month ago has been renamed. Why is it that names seem to be such a focus when it comes to these tablet computers? First we had all the jokes about feminine hygiene products and Apple’s name… Continue reading

WePad to Compete with iPad

Choice is good. Both in terms of the act of choosing and as a range of options from which to choose. That’s why I’m so glad to see more and more different tablet computers entering the market. Many owe their success and greater notoriety to Apple. Just as they did… Continue reading