Midwest Book Review Recommends Life’s Attic

Life’s Attic has just been reviewed by Midwest Book Review. Yay! They review less than a third of submitted titles, so I’m very excited that they chose to review mine. Established in 1976, the Midwest Book Review publishes a number of monthly book publications specifically designed for community and academic… Continue reading

What's Being Said About Life's Attic?

Award-winning actress Kathleen Gati has just said some very nice things about my novel, Life’s Attic. I feel truly honoured.   “Just finished reading your book. WOW!!! It is truly a beautiful study of pure love, devotion, life, death and so much more. I savored every word and truly enjoyed… Continue reading

iMusings on iPad, WePad, Now WeTab

Even though it has yet to be released, the WePad I wrote about a month ago has been renamed. Why is it that names seem to be such a focus when it comes to these tablet computers? First we had all the jokes about feminine hygiene products and Apple’s name… Continue reading

Different Treatment for End of Lost and Law & Order

As the 2009-2010 television season winds down, a number of shows have aired their last new episodes. Cancelled. Two notable shows in particular come to my mind. Lost and Law & Order. While I’ve written about Law & Order and its abrupt cancellation, I have not mentioned Lost before. But… Continue reading

Three Little Words…Not Those

Taking a more light hearted approach to death today. But before I go on, if for some reason you’ve never seen Meet Joe Black, but plan to one day, maybe you better not read any further. I don’t want to spoil anything. Thus the rather vague title of the post… Continue reading

World Figure Skating Championships in Olympic Year

The World Figure Skating Championships in an Olympic Year have a different feel from the other three years of the Olympic quadrennial. Many at the top retire after that four year ultimate goal is realized. But the season is not over until after the World Championships. One can argue the… Continue reading

Replica Star Trek Gadgets Redux

In light of the futuristic nature of yesterday’s post, I thought it might be fun to look at a few crazy gadgets that while inspired by the future, are actually available today. More specifically, Star Trek coming to us now in a new way. Memorabilia attached to movies and television… Continue reading

Convolving Computer of the Future

In the late 1960’s who would have thought the communicators used by Captain Kirk and company would in essence become reality in the form of cell phones, and be completely commonplace today. What seemed like pure science fiction and imagination was willed into existence by inventive and creative minds who… Continue reading

Favourite Comedy Routine After Oscars

In addition to meaningful and serious moments on Oscar night, such as The Cove’s win as Best Feature Documentary, there were also silly, trivial, and even bizarre ones as well. But perhaps my favourite that night came not during the show, but afterwards as I happened to catch part of… Continue reading

ABI’s Guide to MP3 Players

One of the things I really like about www.anythingbutipod.com is that they are always continuing to address, and be responsive to, what their readers are wanting to know. Obviously not every article or post will satisfy everyone, but they offer a very welcoming experience to those who like me, knew… Continue reading