‘My Space’ Cardboard Playhouse & Cardboard Memories

Remember when a giant cardboard box was a magical playhouse? When folding box tops became windows or doors, and sheets over furniture extended your own little cardboard domain? In this electronic gadget and computer world, one may wonder how much this manual form of play and imagination still goes on.… Continue reading

A Place for Both Books and E-Books

Nothing like a good book. An expression that holds true for so many of us, and probably has since written language first developed. And certainly since the printing press and mass publication of books began reaching the masses. When it comes to books, the last few years have probably seen… Continue reading

Have you Watered Your Clock Lately?

Feeling like something a little lighter today? Something fun? How about another essentially ‘free to power’ gadget? Not solar this time, but water. No dam or massive flow of water needed for this one however. Just less than a glass of the stuff and these clever little clocks can run… Continue reading

iMusings on iPad, WePad, Now WeTab

Even though it has yet to be released, the WePad I wrote about a month ago has been renamed. Why is it that names seem to be such a focus when it comes to these tablet computers? First we had all the jokes about feminine hygiene products and Apple’s name… Continue reading

Kill-A-Watt to Save Electricity

Until we get those new fangled touchscreens, and hopefully other devices someday, that can be powered from our own human generated electrical energy, purchased electricity remains a necessity. Our best bet at reducing costs, economical and environmental, is reducing consumption. As the saying goes, knowledge is power, and that’s quite… Continue reading

Apple iPad Gets Wider Release But…

I was all excited to write about how the Apple iPad is finally getting released elsewhere in the world. Currently only available in the US, it’s now been announced that it will be available in Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Japan, and the United Kingdom on May 28th… Continue reading

Touchscreens to Be Powered by Our Touch

We live in exciting times indeed. Despite being an old soul and loving many things old-fashioned, right at home in the Little House on the Prairie world, there is most definitely an inner geek in me. Absolutely intrigued and captivated by so much of the technological advances that keep on… Continue reading

WePad to Compete with iPad

Choice is good. Both in terms of the act of choosing and as a range of options from which to choose. That’s why I’m so glad to see more and more different tablet computers entering the market. Many owe their success and greater notoriety to Apple. Just as they did… Continue reading

The Indestructible Roll-Up Computer Keyboard

As computers advance, it seems we just keep moving smaller. Desktops to laptops to netbooks to tablets. And that’s not even counting the countless phones and PDAs that have teeny keyboards best suited to a newborn size finger or thumb. Greater portability and that ever important cuteness factor are all… Continue reading

What’s New As We Hit Post 100 Today

Hard to believe it’s already been a hundred days and a hundred posts since I started this blog. And yet at the same time, I almost can’t remember not writing here daily. Of course what does that say about my memory then? But once you start doing something you place… Continue reading