Rat and Cat – Kiss and Hug

cat and ratReady for another animal friends video? This one features another unexpected pairing – a cat and a rat. There’s a couple of rats actually, but one seems particularly affectionate and intrigued by this feline. In all fairness, Ranj the rat seems to be rather more interested in Peanut the cat, than the other way around at first. Peanut is initially just more patient and tolerant of his tiny cohort.

But as the interaction continues it seems the cat comes around, going so far as to even give the rat a kitty kiss, and hugs later on. I guess the ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’ thing holds true for all of us in the kingdom of animals sometimes. Or maybe it just took the cat a little longer to feel the love here.

No offense intended to those who enjoy having songs placed over little videos, but as much as I love music, I could do without having any added musical background here. I guess I’m just funny that way. I prefer hearing the actual scene, even if it’s largely silent. It feels more like you’re actually there, watching the action as it happened.

But sound or no sound, tolerance or love, one thing is mighty obvious. This rat is no one’s dinner.

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  1. Oh my gosh – that is so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing it.

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