Spring Cleaning for the Soul

More thoughtlessly abandoned couches and old entertainment units. More fragrant flowers amid baby blades of grass. More birds chirping in that distinctly fresh and vital way. Springtime.

Whether it’s the cleared-out overaccumulations of stuff, both literal and figurative, or all the sensory reminders of the universe renewing itself, spring feels like the freshest season. It’s a time of rebirth for so many plants and little creatures, and it’s an annual excuse (or maybe more a reminder) for us to take stock of all of the stuff in our lives. Hopefully we do that whenever we need to regardless of the time of year, but there’s an added nudge in that direction when spring’s warmth emerges. The rest of the world is starting fresh, so why shouldn’t we?

I feel a need to do that especially this spring. It’s been a tough year for me, one that delivered hard reminders of life and its partner death. But this post is not about a loved one’s gradual death, or even about my dealing with that, but about how no matter what happens, the newness of spring gives us all another start.

It’s about the joy that I feel when I see things blooming anew, or when I hear the cheery chirping of birds at dawn, when I’m actually awake that early, of course. From their joy at just being in this moment, living their little part of this vast cycle of life, I feel fresher too. It’s almost like I can be carried away on their rejuvenation trail by hanging on to them, riding their coattails, or birdtails so to speak.

Flowers and birds don’t think, at least not about stuff they can’t change, as far as I know. Maybe they’re the epitome of the Serenity Prayer. Something good to aspire to. And since this moment is where and when we are, why waste it worrying about anything that’s not in this moment? A nice idea, now I just have to figure out how to do that on command.

Clutter of any kind can sure take a toll. Don’t those hoarder and storage TV shows talk about how an organized home leads to an organized life, an organized mind? Maybe we’ve been tucked away inside for too much of the winter, piling up stuff inside our homes or inside ourselves. Maybe that clutter has built up over many seasons.

But if for whatever reason you’re feeling too tired to actually get up and clean right now, how about just sitting on the grass and staring up at the sky, and cleaning your soul.

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