Spring Cleaning for the Soul

More thoughtlessly abandoned couches and old entertainment units. More fragrant flowers amid baby blades of grass. More birds chirping in that distinctly fresh and vital way. Springtime. Whether it’s the cleared-out overaccumulations of stuff, both literal and figurative, or all the sensory reminders of the universe renewing itself, spring feels… Continue reading

Perseverance and Dreams

Perseverance. A challenge all its own. As if it weren’t hard enough to figure out what you want to do with your life, once you have, roadblocks have a way of popping up to obstruct your path. If it really is true we only appreciate what we have to work… Continue reading

Digging in the Dirt

Depending on where you live, the soil may or may not be ready for planting. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, winter is fast approaching. But where we are, spring is upon us. When not doing all that cleaning and sorting, or perhaps in place of it if the weather… Continue reading

Spring Cleaning Renewal

We often hear how spring is a time of renewal, the beginning of another annual cycle of life. Trees and plants sprout new growth, seeds and cones dropped in the fall begin their growing life, and animals awake from hibernation. And we humans? While we may assist by planting seeds… Continue reading