‘My Space’ Cardboard Playhouse & Cardboard Memories

Remember when a giant cardboard box was a magical playhouse? When folding box tops became windows or doors, and sheets over furniture extended your own little cardboard domain? In this electronic gadget and computer world, one may wonder how much this manual form of play and imagination still goes on.… Continue reading

17th Century Predictions of Robert Boyle Came True

The Royal Society in London, England, is currently celebrating its 350th anniversary with an artifact exhibit which includes a fascinating Robert Boyle document. Scientist Robert Boyle was one of the society’s founders, but what makes him even more noteworthy is that he created a “wish list” of sorts in the… Continue reading

A Moment of Magic

Sometimes it’s just nice to believe in magic. Even if it’s just a temporary illusion. To be held in awe as someone seems to be cut in two, or another disappears altogether only to return with an abracadabra. Nostalgic magic tricks these, but so classic they conjure up a magic… Continue reading