Freezing in the Summer – At the Supermarket

I have a question. It’s one I guess I should really ask those in charge of supermarkets, specifically those who make the ambient temperature decisions. Why is it so darn much colder inside some grocery stores in the middle of summer? I don’t accept the argument that it has to… Continue reading

Have you Watered Your Clock Lately?

Feeling like something a little lighter today? Something fun? How about another essentially ‘free to power’ gadget? Not solar this time, but water. No dam or massive flow of water needed for this one however. Just less than a glass of the stuff and these clever little clocks can run… Continue reading

That’s No Shrub, That’s a Car (Electric Vehicle)

Now I’ve seen everything. Or at least something I never would have even thought of, let alone imagined would actually exist. A solar-powered EV (electric vehicle) that looks like a bush, an ordinary manicured shrub. The Terrestrial Shrub Rover was designed and built by New York-based artist Justin Shull, “whose… Continue reading

17th Century Predictions of Robert Boyle Came True

The Royal Society in London, England, is currently celebrating its 350th anniversary with an artifact exhibit which includes a fascinating Robert Boyle document. Scientist Robert Boyle was one of the society’s founders, but what makes him even more noteworthy is that he created a “wish list” of sorts in the… Continue reading

Kill-A-Watt to Save Electricity

Until we get those new fangled touchscreens, and hopefully other devices someday, that can be powered from our own human generated electrical energy, purchased electricity remains a necessity. Our best bet at reducing costs, economical and environmental, is reducing consumption. As the saying goes, knowledge is power, and that’s quite… Continue reading

Touchscreens to Be Powered by Our Touch

We live in exciting times indeed. Despite being an old soul and loving many things old-fashioned, right at home in the Little House on the Prairie world, there is most definitely an inner geek in me. Absolutely intrigued and captivated by so much of the technological advances that keep on… Continue reading

Being Told to Do What You’re Already Doing

We had a brief power failure last night and while not unheard of, lately they’ve all come in the daytime. When you need flashlights, candles, or oil lamps to get around, suddenly being without electricity feels different. You realize just how dependent you are, how literally in the dark. We… Continue reading

Dream Cube at the World Expo 2010

Building better cities for the future is part of the theme of the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. Integral to this is the idea of transformation. One building in particular caught my attention. Designed by ESI Design, the 40,000 square-foot Shanghai Corporate Pavilion opens tomorrow May 1st 2010, and is… Continue reading

And Now the Least Green Electronics Companies

It seemed like if I was going to talk about the 5 greenest electronics companies, I should also address the five least green. Guide to Greener Electronics – The Bottom 5: Dell – Reduced score on energy criteria and penalty point for delaying toxics phase out till 2011. Score: 3.9… Continue reading

Which Electronics Companies Are Greenest?

As I was searching for information on Apple’s iPad and possible alternatives, I came across something very impressive about Apple, and a few other top electronics manufacturers. Since August 2006, Greenpeace has been periodically releasing updated versions of their Guide to Greener Electronics that “ranks the 18 top manufacturers of… Continue reading