Message Sometimes Received – Childlike Glee a No-No

For many reasons I’ve always really liked that ‘be childlike not childish’ adage. I wonder where, or should I say when, we tend to lose that innate wide-eyed innocence and sense of fun that is hopefully typical of childhood. I’m guessing as with most things, it’s due to a combination… Continue reading

Microcredit – Little Loans Make a World of Difference

Sometimes just a small amount of money can make a world of difference. There is perhaps no better example of this than with Microcredit, where small loans are made to some of the world’s poorest individuals. Saving what can be a life-changing $25 or $50 is often an insurmountable task… Continue reading

A Moment of Magic

Sometimes it’s just nice to believe in magic. Even if it’s just a temporary illusion. To be held in awe as someone seems to be cut in two, or another disappears altogether only to return with an abracadabra. Nostalgic magic tricks these, but so classic they conjure up a magic… Continue reading

What Else Will Germ-Killing Paper Towels Kill?

What is this thing we have about germs? Easy to forget sometimes we are a bacteria factory ourselves, and supposed to be that way. We could never digest food if we didn’t have this symbiotic relationship with these little organisms. I remember being freaked out as a kid when I… Continue reading

Snow Dogs Have the Right Idea

At a time of year when I’m more likely to be thinking of snow cones than actual snow, I was sent this great winter video (see below). Two dogs, with one appearing to take the lead, are having a fine time goofing around in the snow. They have absolutely no… Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day – Musing on the Mothering Cycle

A mother bears a child, who in turn becomes a mother herself one day. Repeating over and over since the beginning of time. But where do the lines cross between mother and child, child and mother? A daughter can be both forever. And no matter how old we get, son… Continue reading