Mini Robot to Explore Deep into the Great Pyramid

It sounds like it could almost be a plot for a movie à la James Cameron and his dives to Titanic. A team sets out to unlock the mysteries of the Great Pyramid at Giza by sending a mini robot deeper inside than anyone has ever ventured before. The Pyramid… Continue reading

Dick Wolf Confirms No More Law & Order

Well, it’s official in every way now. Law & Order, the original and best in my opinion, is gone. No chance apparently for even coming back on another network or cable provider, not as a TV-movie, and not as an NBC final episode or two to wrap up the characters.… Continue reading

Movies for Dessert

How about a movie to go with that dinner yesterday? A digital dessert of sorts. While not organic, they all do feature living, breathing, organic beings, aka us humans. So with that in mind, here are a few movies available on DVD that may be a little less well known, but that are all among my personal favourites. Continue reading