Dick Wolf Confirms No More Law & Order

Well, it’s official in every way now. Law & Order, the original and best in my opinion, is gone. No chance apparently for even coming back on another network or cable provider, not as a TV-movie, and not as an NBC final episode or two to wrap up the characters.… Continue reading

Solar Powered Airplane Flies All Day and Night

Yesterday I happened to look up into a particularly clear blue sky to see the graceful gliding of a few seagulls. Whenever I see birds just floating and sliding around the sky like that, with their wings essentially motionless, I can’t help but wish I could know what that feels… Continue reading

AMC Approaching NBC Universal about Law & Order

New York Magazine is reporting that AMC, “home to groundbreaking hours Mad Men and Breaking Bad has approached NBC Universal about the possibility of producing new episodes of Dick Wolf’s long-running and recently cancelled drama,” Law & Order. While not out of line in terms of episodic TV production costs,… Continue reading

Different Treatment for End of Lost and Law & Order

As the 2009-2010 television season winds down, a number of shows have aired their last new episodes. Cancelled. Two notable shows in particular come to my mind. Lost and Law & Order. While I’ve written about Law & Order and its abrupt cancellation, I have not mentioned Lost before. But… Continue reading

No Justice for Cancelled Law & Order

On Friday, NBC announced it was cancelling Law & Order, the original version that started it all. While perhaps not of earth shattering importance in the grand scheme of things, I have watched the show faithfully ever since it began 20 years ago. That ties Gunsmoke as the longest-running prime… Continue reading