A Tripe Down Dog Food Lane

Green Tripe ChunksGiven the popularity of a post a few months ago on green tripe for dogs (and cats), I thought today I’d look at dehydrated tripe treats. For years we’ve fed ground up frozen green tripe. I’ve even gotten more or less used to the distinctive ‘farm’ odour of the stuff. But only more recently have we’ve been using dried tripe as treats.

One of our favourites so far has been PetKind Tripe Treats, as determined by the canine member of the family that is. I may sniff their meat – who’d have ever thought this squeamish person would be passing her nose over dead mice – but I draw the line at tasting it.

I’ve just been reading how because of green tripe’s rubbery texture, if given in bigger pieces, it both strengthens the jaw muscles and acts like doggie dental floss. Mind you this kind of dental cleaner already smells more like very well used actual dental floss. But it’s great to have another way to help keep their teeth clean and gums healthy, and avoid vet dentals.

Since finding green tripe in chunks isn’t always easy, or even possible everywhere, I’m especially glad we can get those dehydrated strips and chunks of the stuff. Soak them in water and you have another dental cleaner. Hey, water’s good for rehydrating the dried tripe and running a water clock. What’s next? Drinking the stuff?

As for the treats, those PetKind ones so popular around here are made from 100% Green Beef Tripe. Each is about 5½ inches long and “contain[s] all the essential fatty acids and juices within a cow’s stomach and is one of the healthiest ingredients available to dogs.” It’s such a species appropriate way to get all the goodies of predigested grass and hay etc. that ruminating animals (i.e. cattle, buffalo, sheep, deer, goats, and antelope) have eaten. When I say eaten, I mean swallowing unchewed, regurgitating, chewing and mixing with saliva, then swallowing again, and then broken down even more by the “gastric juices, amino acids and other digestive enzymes.”

Makes your mouth water doesn’t it? But more like the way it does before you’re about to throw up. But to our canine, and I can say from experience, feline friends as well, they just love it. With the strong natural odour of tripe, it can also be a great way to disguise medicine or strong smelling things you want/need your companion to get. A nice little absorbent protein cracker of sorts.

And because green tripe (not the processed, nutritionally useless white kind) contains all those wonderful gastric juices, enzymes, and amino acids, it not only aids in our dogs and cats digestion and muscular development, it’s believed those gastric juices also help clean the teeth  – in addition to tripe’s mechanical dental floss attributes. Yeah, I’m glad I’m used to the smell now.

The dehydrated green tripe is amazingly hard and tough, and makes a great chew/bone substitute. I’ve seen it available in larger sizes such as this Buffalo Tripe Flat, 12 inch. All the better (and longer) for our furry friends to enjoy their tasty tripe.

Various Nutritional Lab Analyses of Green Tripe have shown the following:

    • calcium: phosphorous ratio is 1:1
    • overall pH is on the acidic side which is better for digestion
    • protein 10% minimum
    • fat 5%
    • contained the essential fatty acids Linoleic and Linolenic, in their recommended proportions
    • Lactic Acid Bacteria aka Lactobacillus Acidophilus – the good intestinal bacteria that’s the main ingredient in probiotics
    • also contains magnesium, potassium, magnesium, potassium, B-complex vitamins, the amino acid taurine, other amino acids, about 4 percent fiber, and trace amounts of other minerals and vitamins A, C, D, and E.

Author’s Note: Twilight Zone moment – After I wrote this post, I coincidentally received a comment from Dakota at True Carnivores to my earlier tripe post Green Tripe Nutritional Gold, saying they carry whole green tripe – the messier version – but also confirming the digestive and tooth cleaning benefits of tripe.

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