Comprehensive Coverage by CNN on 'Toxic America'

t1larg.5toxins.tsjpgThere was a very interesting program on CNN the other night that I found very refreshing. Their coverage of ‘Toxic America’ as they called it, was very extensive and offered hopeful alternatives as well as the scary chemical facts. It’s not often that I agree with so much of mainstream health and chemical press. So many concerns were dealt with so well.

One post couldn’t begin to do justice to all the subjects they covered. The wealth of information, and links for still more, are really worth checking out I think.

Their topics include:

  • Meet a grandma who fights toxic toys
  • Comparing U.S., EU regulations
  • How toxic chemicals enter the womb
  • Everyday plastic, toxic fears
  • Study: ADHD linked to pesticide exposure
  • Taking in more chemicals than you know
  • Fragrance companies withholding chemical info
  • Chemicals: Innocent or guilty?
  • FDA: Limit use of BPA products
  • It’s becoming a plastic world
  • Presidential panel: Cancer risks underestimated

gupta.produce.pesticides.cnn.640x360It’s heartening to see mainstream news stories like these. There aren’t always quick and easy answers, especially in our chemical dominated culture, and the CNN reports acknowledge that. But one of their themes seems to be just because we have created all these toxic chemicals doesn’t mean we have to keep using them now that we know what their unintended effects can be. In this case, increasing regulation, as is happening in Europe so far, seems to be the best chance at finally curbing companies’ overuse of toxins. Put the onus on them to prove what they’re doing is safe, and not the other way around, making others prove they’re harmful. After all, we can see how successful that approach has been…

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  1. Thanks for sharing that story. I appreciate anyone who is taking steps to heighten awareness about the toxicity of the world we live in.
    I often wonder what the world will be like in 50 years?
    With all the massive earth changes and natural disasters going on, it is almost like Mother Earth has decided that enough is enough and is doing her own personal “bowel cleanse” to try and rid herself of the cancer-like spread of humanity that is slowly killing her?

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