Comprehensive Coverage by CNN on 'Toxic America'

There was a very interesting program on CNN the other night that I found very refreshing. Their coverage of ‘Toxic America’ as they called it, was very extensive and offered hopeful alternatives as well as the scary chemical facts. It’s not often that I agree with so much of mainstream… Continue reading

Antibiotic Chloramphenicol in Chinese Imported Honey

We may live in a small world, but within that small world are many different sets of national regulations. Whether it’s lead or cadmium found in toys or glasses, or melamine plastic in pet food, we are all too often unwittingly exposed to things that shock us once we discover… Continue reading

Plastic Ocean Garbage “Vac from the Sea”

Electrolux is bringing attention to the Pacific Garbage Patch and the whole issue of plastic trash clogging up too much of our oceans. According to Electrolux, “The plan is to make a limited number of vacuum cleaners from plastic debris harvested from the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans and the… Continue reading

Cash Register Receipts Coated with BPA

Sometimes I think the happiest existence would be in some tiny out of the way place, cut-off from modern civilization. Living off the land, oblivious to what’s going on in the outside world. Then I think about all I would miss, including all the amazing things that have been dreamt… Continue reading

Dream Cube at the World Expo 2010

Building better cities for the future is part of the theme of the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. Integral to this is the idea of transformation. One building in particular caught my attention. Designed by ESI Design, the 40,000 square-foot Shanghai Corporate Pavilion opens tomorrow May 1st 2010, and is… Continue reading

Water from Plastic Bottles or the Tap

It’s really interesting, and a walk down memory lane, to be reminded how there was a time not that long ago when the idea of selling bottled water would have been almost laughable. Sure we’ll pay for a bottle of flavoured liquid, but plain ordinary water? Crazy. And yet it’s… Continue reading

A Whale of a Meal – Sweatpants, Golf Ball, and Plastic…

I realize I’ve been posting rather a lot lately about the environment, and while that is very dear to my heart, many other subjects are also worthy of attention. That said however, I came across a very timely adjunct to some of my other posts that I really must share.… Continue reading

Not Just Plastic Ocean Garbage

This week marked the release of the Ocean Conservancy’s report for its 2009 global trash cleanup. They have led such a cleanup every year since 1986 in response to the increasing accumulation of garbage in our oceans. I’ve talked before about all the plastic in the ocean now, especially places… Continue reading

Benefits of Organic Down to Our Shoes

The benefits of organic are wonderfully far-reaching. Fewer chemicals ingested, less spread about our soil and in our air and water, a healthier environment for workers both in the fields and in the factories, not to mention less chance of messing up Mother Nature with untold, potentially irreversible changes to… Continue reading

Today’s Smallest and Cutest Flash Drive

What is it about size? Some things we want as big as possible, a house or bank account for G-rated options, but for others we want them as small as they can get. Electronic devices seem a prime example, except of course for those big screen TVs that fall into… Continue reading