Comprehensive Coverage by CNN on 'Toxic America'

There was a very interesting program on CNN the other night that I found very refreshing. Their coverage of ‘Toxic America’ as they called it, was very extensive and offered hopeful alternatives as well as the scary chemical facts. It’s not often that I agree with so much of mainstream… Continue reading

Grocery Store Wars Video Still Playing

I first saw this great little video parody when it first came out a few years ago, but I hadn’t seen it since. I’m so glad Grocery Store Wars is still floating about as it was really fun to see it again. A classic example of how humour can deliver… Continue reading

Digging in the Dirt

Depending on where you live, the soil may or may not be ready for planting. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, winter is fast approaching. But where we are, spring is upon us. When not doing all that cleaning and sorting, or perhaps in place of it if the weather… Continue reading

Nature’s Cat Food II – Now Chicks to Go with Those Mice

I’ve written previously about feeding whole prey instead of commercial or even homemade pet food, and the many advantages I’ve seen both first hand, and ones that just intuitively make sense to me. Ground whole animal patties are a great alternative, but from a feline perspective, they just don’t sell… Continue reading

Follow-up on Simply Fido Organic Dog Toys

A couple of months ago I wrote about some wonderful organic dog toys made by Simply Fido. I discussed the big advantages, and in my opinion great importance of going organic, and not toxic for something our dogs are going to chew on, and end up partially ingesting. Company information/background:… Continue reading

Benefits of Organic Down to Our Shoes

The benefits of organic are wonderfully far-reaching. Fewer chemicals ingested, less spread about our soil and in our air and water, a healthier environment for workers both in the fields and in the factories, not to mention less chance of messing up Mother Nature with untold, potentially irreversible changes to… Continue reading

Easter Fun – Cyber and Not

Easter fun doesn’t just have to be for kids. A kid at heart, and hopefully always to be one, I still get a kick out of silly little things. Sometimes there’s a nostalgic element, like decorating eggs with those little colour pellets dissolved in vinegar. Other times it’s something new,… Continue reading

Freeze-Dried Food Freedom

Believe it or not, there’s actually one thing I don’t like about frozen raw pet food – it needs power to keep it frozen. Well, at least where we live. Maybe a move to the Arctic is worth considering… But when the food supply for your animals depends on freezers,… Continue reading

Green Tripe Nutritional Gold

Just what is green tripe? Let’s just say, I try to forget I’m a vegetarian when I think of what I feed the carnivores in our family… There’s detailed information available at , which includes, “tripe is the stomach of ruminating animals. These animals (i.e. cattle, buffalo, sheep, deer,… Continue reading

Simply Fido Organic Dog Toys

For those of you with canine family members, there’s a great company I discovered a few years ago that I’d like to recommend. Simply Fido makes certified organic dog toys, many with up to 5 dog-popular squeakers inside. While not the only company to be organic, they are the only… Continue reading