Tobacco Companies Still Testing on Dogs

watchful beagle I mentioned last week that I was going to be writing about some really horrific animal testing that was begin done by tobacco companies. Well, here it is. Horrible as it is to think about, I couldn’t let anymore time pass before writing about, and sharing this information.

Vivisection can be a contentious issue for some who focus on the potential advancements and benefits for human health. But personally I just can’t let go of Mahatma Gandhi words, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Whatever your view on animal testing however, I think there’s one type of vivisection that if more widely known about, few would be in favour of. And that is the “tobacco industry’s vain attempt to prove that their product doesn’t actually kill people, they have invested literally millions of dollars into animal testing facilities of their own.” If I hadn’t read and cross-referenced this information myself, I don’t know if I would have believed it. It’s just so ludicrous. More animals need to suffer and be killed to prove smoking is harmful? Really?animal testing beagle

tobacco testing on dogsMany sources report, “Inside laboratories built by the tobacco industry, or in contract laboratories, beagle puppies are attached to gas mask-like devices and forced to breathe in cigarette smoke for hours on end.” Many accounts say this is for “upwards of ten hours a day” for tens of thousands of dogs in research labs all over the world. “After enduring months, if not years, of this torture, the poor, helpless dogs are killed so their lungs and other organs can be examined to study the impact the smoke had on them.”

smoking experiment on monkey“Pregnant Rhesus monkeys in these laboratories are forced to breathe in cigarette smoke during the duration of their pregnancy and, shortly before giving birth, the mother and her unborn child will be killed so her body may be dissected and her baby removed to observe the side effects of smoking on pregnancy and fetal development.”

Testing of tobacco products on animals has been illegal in Britain since 1997, but even though it is not required by federal law, it continues elsewhere, including in the US, Canada, and Europe. In addition to big tobacco companies funding their own testing, “Experimenters have taken large grants from cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris; from government agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Institutes of Health; and even from the March of Dimes, to inject animals with nicotine, force them to inhale smoke and addict them to tobacco.”

A sampling of other smoking experiments being done to animals:

• Cutting holes in beagles’ throats through which the dogs are forced to breathe concentrated cigarette smoke for a year.

• Inserting electrodes into dogs’ penises to measure the effect of cigarette smoke on sexual performance.

• Strapping masks to the faces of rats and monkeys and permanently restraining them to force them to breathe cigarette smoke constantly.

• Restraining Rhesus monkeys in chairs with head devices and exposing them to nicotine and caffeine to determine how caffeine and nicotine affect breathing.

• Forcing dogs to be on mechanical ventilators and chronically exposed to cigarette smoke.

dog tobacco testLives of all these sentient beings, “kept in restraints like smoke masks and body holders and subjected to horrific experiments every year,” all in the hopes of making more money for the tobacco companies.

What can we do?

Sign’s petition aimed at big tobacco

beagleWrite a letter to the editor, government representatives, tobacco companies themselves, or post comments on the web. Spread the word about these mind-boggling animal tests.

If you smoke, and I know of some incredibly wonderful people who still do, please consider quitting, if not for yourself, for the sake of these animals. Stop buying tobacco products and putting profits in these companies’ pockets.

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  1. Anyway we all knew cigerate smoking causes cancer then why all these experiments

  2. Dogs don’t smoke, humans do, we as humans are not dogs. PLEASE TEST SMOKE another way. I’ve never been in a shop and a dog comes in and buys Cigs. We have a choice DOGS DO NOT.

  3. This is really cruel… They should be the one testing their tobaccos…. Is this still up to present???

  4. Alice L. Fishbaugh

    I have been smoking for years and I just heard about this. I googled and found out this. I am outraged and as a result I am now quitting. To love animals and now that I know the truth I would be just as guilty if I continued to smoke. Thanks and I will tell my friends who smoke.

    • Alice…I remember working in a newsagent as a teenager in the early seventies, and it was around 1977 when horrors called New Smoking Material cigarettes came onto the market (in the UK). They were awful…but because they were being sold cheaper than tobacco fags, they originally ‘flew off the shelves’.
      But after a couple of years, a newspaper gave us this story of these ‘NSM’ cigarettes being tested on dogs. As expected…sales dropped, with the media pointing fingers at Wills and other cigarette giants.

  5. I am speechless it is so easy to use and abuse animals for “expirimentatio however catch some one in the street that has an animal which is hard to control an the R.S.P.A. Would I hope come down on them like a ton of bricks. One law for the poor and different for the rich??? Always those that are unable to fight for themselves. This is apparen done with the blessing of the law???

  6. This horrific treatment of animals must be stopped. They
    should strap them selves to the machines and feel how these animals suffer

  7. this is a mind blowing thing. animals have to live in pease as we are. we can’t destroy their lives to gain industrial archievements. i’m from Sri Lanka. i’ll publish this on my FaceBokk wall and inform my friends.

  8. This is all happening because it will be more costly on humans, the reason behind this is also simple, since they are humans they need to be given extra care when in problem, benefit in case of death etc etc. These innocent animals don’t have such demand can’t say a word for cruelty they are facing so its fine, its the same way we are polluting our nature because it won’t ask anything in return but continues to give care and love.Oh sad humans forget that no species is greater and favoured by nature. One day we will loose our dominance for sure humans will see people like us to protect them. Sooner or Later nature will turn its wheel. ..GOOD LUCK HUMANS !!

  9. It came to my attention that they are using poor defenseless beagles for their smoking experiments, why don’t they use people, they don’t mind filling their lungs up with this crap. There should be laws in place where animal research is done away with. I am just appauled by this going on. We must do something as we are these animals voices.

  10. To use animals in this way is truely horrific. I can”t imagine how they feel, and how frightened they are when they get hooked up to the contraptions that make them smoke. Cigarettes cause cancer we all know that! So why are they still doing stupid experiments?

  11. Makes me ashamed to be the same species as the psychopathic, barbaric, cruel sods that do this to the animals. We all know that smoking causes cancer, they wouldn’t put it on the packets otherwise, but to put these animals through a life of torture is truely EVIL

  12. This is so sad, I’m about to cry. I don’t think that this kind of cruelty is right. After all, we ALREADY KNOW the effects of smoking. All of these animals don’t deserve to be tested like this and it should stop!

  13. this is ridiculous ! and absolutely not necessary to test on animals .. we are now living in 21 st century NOT CAVE ERA .. pls leave the animals alone .. they are diff: species and why don’t you test on humans why use animals ? is it because they can’t speak ? this practice is Barbaric inhuman .. PLS STOP THIS NONE SENSE ..

  14. This has to stop!

  15. eva sevinc girit-azzolini

    stop testing on animals

  16. Elizabeth,

    It’s obvious from the pictures that these horrible tests were conducted on animals. I would hope that this testing would have stopped by now. But, I would not be surprised if it is still happening. Do you have evidence that this kind of testing is still being conducted by the tobacco industry?


  17. If the tobacco company executives want to know more about the effects of smoking, I suggest that they hook their pregnant wives and themselves up to these machines for 10 hours a day. I suspect they would quickly decide that they had enough information and stop testing.
    This is without a doubt the most disgustingly cruel and stupid ‘research’ study I’ve ever heard of.

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