Criminal Minds Cast Update – Bad, Good, and New Bad

It’s a fine line to walk sometimes. How long do you wait to comment on a piece of news that’s still evolving? Wait too long and it’s no longer news. Don’t wait long enough and the information could change. Since I’m here writing on the latest Criminal Minds development, I… Continue reading

More Information on Animal Testing by Tobacco Companies

A recent comment to my post “Tobacco Companies Still Testing on Dogs” asked for more evidence that animal testing was still going on, how he hoped it would have stopped by now. I thought this was a good opportunity to share what I’ve found beyond what I’ve already posted. The… Continue reading

Criminal Minds Slashes Female Leads

Does someone not want me to watch television anymore? First Law & Order, the original and best in my opinion, gets cancelled just before it breaks the record of 20 years for longest running prime time drama, and now some pretty disturbing cast changes are being made on another favourite,… Continue reading

Tobacco Companies Still Testing on Dogs

I mentioned last week that I was going to be writing about some really horrific animal testing that was begin done by tobacco companies. Well, here it is. Horrible as it is to think about, I couldn’t let anymore time pass before writing about, and sharing this information. Vivisection can… Continue reading

And Now the Least Green Electronics Companies

It seemed like if I was going to talk about the 5 greenest electronics companies, I should also address the five least green. Guide to Greener Electronics – The Bottom 5: Dell – Reduced score on energy criteria and penalty point for delaying toxics phase out till 2011. Score: 3.9… Continue reading

Hope Springs Eternal or a Kernel

I closed yesterday’s post with a mention of hope. Hope that such petitions can effect change, or at least have a significant impact. Hope too for the day when such petitions are no longer needed. Hope for respect and compassion towards all living things. And a hope I’ll always believe… Continue reading

Canadian Parliament Eats Seals

Hard to believe isn’t it? When I first read about this and saw the photos, I was shocked and disgusted. When I was writing about the treatment of whales and dolphins recently, the subject came up about how a country’s citizens can be diametrically opposed to the actions of their… Continue reading

Toto Watch Out For Dr. Oz

I have a sick feeling in my stomach as I write this. In fact I wish I didn’t have to talk about this subject. That it just didn’t exist. But it does. I posted recently about the recent tragedies at SeaWorld – both the death of trainer Dawn Brancheau and… Continue reading