Goats Save Turtle Habitat in Maryland

In the mood for a feel good news story? This one has a happy ending for all concerned parties – animals, including human ones, government, and the environment. It started out like any other normal highway bypass project. But highway officials in the state of Maryland made a wonderful discovery… Continue reading

Proposal to Kill and Incinerate 80% of Sable Island Seals

The logic – or should I say skewed thought process in my opinion – is frightening. Because we’ve overfished and depleted the supply, thrown off the balance of nature, the next thing we do is kill the next species in line. It’s not the first time comparable acts have been… Continue reading

Tobacco Companies Still Testing on Dogs

I mentioned last week that I was going to be writing about some really horrific animal testing that was begin done by tobacco companies. Well, here it is. Horrible as it is to think about, I couldn’t let anymore time pass before writing about, and sharing this information. Vivisection can… Continue reading

Do Cents Make Sense?

Penny for your thoughts? Better make that at least a cent and a half – the cost of one penny. Those ubiquitous little brown coins that we don’t pick up off the ground, chuck into tip jars, or simply store way at home in other jars where they’re unlikely to… Continue reading

TV Ad Campaign Deemed Too Suggestive

Ah the invincibility of youth, or at least the perceived invincibility. And the incredulity of decision makers, advertisers and government officials in this case. But that feeling of being invincible, that sense of immortality that can come with youth, was reaffirmed in drinking and driving surveys of “young men [which]… Continue reading

Head-Scratcher of a Seal Ad Campaign

Interesting how sometimes things backfire, garnering the opposite reaction to what was intended. It appears that may have happened to the “Canadian Seal Marketing Group [that] works with the Fur Council of Canada (FCC), the non-profit federation for fur trade members that includes processors, designers, auction houses and retail furriers.”… Continue reading

Which Electronics Companies Are Greenest?

As I was searching for information on Apple’s iPad and possible alternatives, I came across something very impressive about Apple, and a few other top electronics manufacturers. Since August 2006, Greenpeace has been periodically releasing updated versions of their Guide to Greener Electronics that “ranks the 18 top manufacturers of… Continue reading

Why Can’t the Seal Hunt Be Debated?

It seems you can debate just about any issue in Canada except one. In fact, the seal hunt is the only issue I’ve written about that received near immediate opposing comments from Canadian government employees apparently. Clearly a hot button issue politically, Senator Mac Harb has said, “I wanted to… Continue reading

Canadian Parliament Eats Seals

Hard to believe isn’t it? When I first read about this and saw the photos, I was shocked and disgusted. When I was writing about the treatment of whales and dolphins recently, the subject came up about how a country’s citizens can be diametrically opposed to the actions of their… Continue reading