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Titanic Controversy Set Aside for New Expedition

The Titanic has long been the subject of controversy. From the myriad of mistakes and circumstances that tragically came together April 14, 1912 to the inadequate loading of lifeboats in the very early morning hours of April 15, 1912. From the different hearings and results into the disaster to speculation… Continue reading

Titanic Sank 98 Years Ago Today

If there had been no iceberg in its path 98 years ago, we likely would hardly even remember the name Titanic. But there was, and we do. Some of us maybe think of it more than others, but it’s forever in our history as the ship that couldn’t sink, but… Continue reading

From My Harp – CD

Fantaisie-Impromptu (Chopin) On My Own (Les Miserables) Save The Last Dance For Me (The Drifters) Für Elise Imagine Titanic Medley (Southampton; Never An Absolution; Hymn To The Sea; My Heart Will Go On) Largo (J.S.Bach) As Time Goes By In A Gadda Da Vida (Iron Butterfly) Time To Say Goodbye… Continue reading

My Harp Has A Voice – CD

My Heart Will Go On (“Titanic”) Andantino Espressivo (Pescetti) Viennese Waltzes (Lehar, J. Strauss) If Amercian in Paris / Rhapsody in Blue Tears in Heaven Sakura Are You Lonesome Tonight? Clair de Lune Yesterday All I Ask of You / Music of the Night Theme from Schindler’s List Ave Maria… Continue reading

Harp Info and CDs

  Elizabeth’s focus is now on writing, having published her first novel, Life’s Attic, but her 3 solo harp CDs are still available and reflect her love of music and it’s many styles.           Click on CDs for details     The information below is from the archived website Elizabeth… Continue reading

Mini Robot to Explore Deep into the Great Pyramid

It sounds like it could almost be a plot for a movie à la James Cameron and his dives to Titanic. A team sets out to unlock the mysteries of the Great Pyramid at Giza by sending a mini robot deeper inside than anyone has ever ventured before. The Pyramid… Continue reading

Where Does Saliva Belong?

I don’t understand spitting. OK, probably not the most appealing way to start a post, but then again, neither is what prompted me to write this. For probably the umpteenth time, give or take a few times, I saw someone walking down the street who decided it was appropriate to… Continue reading

17th Century Predictions of Robert Boyle Came True

The Royal Society in London, England, is currently celebrating its 350th anniversary with an artifact exhibit which includes a fascinating Robert Boyle document. Scientist Robert Boyle was one of the society’s founders, but what makes him even more noteworthy is that he created a “wish list” of sorts in the… Continue reading

Gambling on Ships and Oil Rigs

Something struck me today, not a bolt of lightening, more like an iceberg, or maybe a drilling rig. I don’t know why I hadn’t already connected the two before. April 14th 1912 (technically April 15th 1912 at 2:20AM) the ship that couldn’t sink sank. April 20th 2010 the deepwater drilling… Continue reading

Happy Earth and Avatar DVD Release Day

A couple of days ago, I listed a few companies with special Earth Day offers, noting the irony of consumption on this occasion. Speaking of other marketing campaigns, here’s one tailor made for Earth Day. The April 22nd 2010 release of Avatar on DVD and Blu-ray. It almost seems designed… Continue reading