Powerless…A Great Comfort

Anthony Hopkins just has a way of saying things, and I’m talking beyond the famous Hannibal Lecter Chianti line. One phrase that has stayed with me, and that I can still hear in my head at will, is from Meet Joe Black. As Bill Parish at his birthday celebration, he… Continue reading

Absurd News to Porch Light Peeve

You know how certain crazy and really inconsequential news stories can sometimes become far bigger than their limited significance warrants? I’m thinking things like Balloon Boy or Tiger’s indiscretions. I have a theory about why such stories catch our interest despite our best efforts to dismiss them. Let me know… Continue reading

Putin and Stojko React

I wasn’t going to wade into the Olympic figure skating judging thing again today, but certain comments just kept coming back to me. Two very different sources, but both sharing similar sentiments, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Canadian skater Elvis Stojko have each had things to say about the… Continue reading

Lysacek Gold, Plushenko Silver

Up until now I have stayed away from the subject of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Up until now that is. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share my delight following last night’s Men’s figure skating competition, both skating and judging. While no system can be perfect, the ‘new’… Continue reading

Welcome to my new blog!

If you were looking for Elizabeth Ely’s Harp Page (my previous incarnation as a harpist) it’s alive and well offering sound clips, CDs, and little harp ramblings just as before. However, it’s address is now www.elizabethely.com/harp What you will now find at www.elizabethely.com aka Elizabeth Ely dot Com are the… Continue reading