Surfing Dolphins at Play

I just saw a clip of the 2003 BBC “Wildlife on One” episode Dolphins: Deep Thinkers, narrated by David Attenborough. It’s a video of dolphins living where they should be. Swimming and surfing freely in the wide open oceans. Whenever we have the privilege of seeing wild animals in their… Continue reading

Newly Discovered Species for New Hope

At a time when marine life is facing unimaginable threats thanks to BP’s Deepwater Horizon fiasco, I thought it might be heartening to be reminded that we’re still discovering new species with which we share our world. While not new in terms of existence, as far as we know, they… Continue reading

A Whale of a Meal – Sweatpants, Golf Ball, and Plastic…

I realize I’ve been posting rather a lot lately about the environment, and while that is very dear to my heart, many other subjects are also worthy of attention. That said however, I came across a very timely adjunct to some of my other posts that I really must share.… Continue reading

Free Mouse Clicks Generate Donations

Even though many of us are still going through some pretty tough financial times, there’s still a way to help some great causes. Ways that don’t cost us a single cent. But thanks to some great sponsors, every time we click at the following sites, they make a donation to… Continue reading

Mermaid Tears – Plastic Health Danger

Besides the dangers of ocean plastic consumption to the albatross and other birds and marine life, there are the dangers to the entire food chain. By being the animal who eats those who have eaten others, we have no real predator ourselves. As such, we humans ultimately get all the… Continue reading

Plastic Ocean…What Now?

So what to do about all that plastic in our oceans? In Algae Marine Research Foundation founder Charles Moore’s words, the only thing we can do is stop polluting and hope the system can clean itself up in the in hundreds of years…[and give the ocean] time to spit it… Continue reading

Plastic Garbage for the Albatross' Dinner

We have virtually instant access these days to an almost unimaginable wealth of information. Just type a search into Google or your engine of choice, and the world is at your fingertips, almost literally. But it comes at a price. For with all the stuff we want to see, comes… Continue reading

Canadian Parliament Eats Seals

Hard to believe isn’t it? When I first read about this and saw the photos, I was shocked and disgusted. When I was writing about the treatment of whales and dolphins recently, the subject came up about how a country’s citizens can be diametrically opposed to the actions of their… Continue reading

Tilikum in a Tub

The tragic death last week of a trainer at SeaWorld in Florida, seems to have re-energized the long-standing debate over animal captivity. While I in no way wish to minimize the loss and devastation of this trainer’s family and friends, I can’t help but wonder just when will we stop… Continue reading