Whale Poop is Nature’s Perfect Carbon Offset

Life is messy, and I don’t just mean figuratively. Literal mess, muck, puke, and poop. We may like to distance ourselves from it as much as possible, but just as we all put our pants on one leg and a time, we all generate the stuff. And good thing we… Continue reading

More SeaWorld Deaths – Whales This Time

I went searching for any kind of update on Tilikum, wondering if any changes were in the offing regarding whales in captivity. I found little new about Tilikum himself, but did learn that, “Two killer whales at SeaWorld Orlando are pregnant, with one due in a matter of weeks. SeaWorld… Continue reading

Report Just Released – More on Tilikum

This past Wednesday, the Orlando County Sheriff’s Office released the investigative report into the tragic death of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau on February 24th 2010. The medical examiner determined she died of drowning and blunt-force trauma, but for those interested in the gory details, and painful timeline of events, this… Continue reading

A Whale of a Meal – Sweatpants, Golf Ball, and Plastic…

I realize I’ve been posting rather a lot lately about the environment, and while that is very dear to my heart, many other subjects are also worthy of attention. That said however, I came across a very timely adjunct to some of my other posts that I really must share.… Continue reading

Canadian Parliament Eats Seals

Hard to believe isn’t it? When I first read about this and saw the photos, I was shocked and disgusted. When I was writing about the treatment of whales and dolphins recently, the subject came up about how a country’s citizens can be diametrically opposed to the actions of their… Continue reading

The Cove Wins Best Documentary

The Cove just won Best Feature Documentary at last night’s Oscar celebration. It could not have happened at a better time. Dare I hope, eternal optimist I am, that maybe things are aligning to actually do something about animal captivity and abuse? But what a terribly huge and unfair price… Continue reading

Toto Watch Out For Dr. Oz

I have a sick feeling in my stomach as I write this. In fact I wish I didn’t have to talk about this subject. That it just didn’t exist. But it does. I posted recently about the recent tragedies at SeaWorld – both the death of trainer Dawn Brancheau and… Continue reading

Whales Au Naturel

I just saw an incredible clip of Jean-Michel Cousteau commenting on that tragedy at SeaWorld, and so want to share it below. In 2 minutes, he provides so much information and understanding of the situation, all intercut with video of orcas both free in the ocean, and captive in tanks.… Continue reading

Tilikum in a Tub

The tragic death last week of a trainer at SeaWorld in Florida, seems to have re-energized the long-standing debate over animal captivity. While I in no way wish to minimize the loss and devastation of this trainer’s family and friends, I can’t help but wonder just when will we stop… Continue reading