Three Little Words…Not Those

Taking a more light hearted approach to death today. But before I go on, if for some reason you’ve never seen Meet Joe Black, but plan to one day, maybe you better not read any further. I don’t want to spoil anything. Thus the rather vague title of the post… Continue reading

Stuffed Up With Stuff

Stuff. We do seem to like it. And collect it. And move it around. And around again and again someplace else. Hopefully in the process we get more enjoyment from it than it costs. Both to the wallet and to our sense of freedom. Tied down to all that stuff.… Continue reading

World Figure Skating Championships in Olympic Year

The World Figure Skating Championships in an Olympic Year have a different feel from the other three years of the Olympic quadrennial. Many at the top retire after that four year ultimate goal is realized. But the season is not over until after the World Championships. One can argue the… Continue reading

Earth Lifetime Not Earth Hour

Happy Earth Hour! Lights out for an hour. But not me. Surprising to hear? Let me explain my thinking. On the surface it may seem an admirable energy saving idea, and a way to bring home the importance of energy conservation, of valuing the earth. But does it not also… Continue reading

Mermaid Tears – Plastic Health Danger

Besides the dangers of ocean plastic consumption to the albatross and other birds and marine life, there are the dangers to the entire food chain. By being the animal who eats those who have eaten others, we have no real predator ourselves. As such, we humans ultimately get all the… Continue reading

Interactive Shirts from Guitar to Wi-Fi

c498_electronic_rock_guitar_shirt_animYears of toting a pedal harp around, I always wished it were easier to move. Smaller, more portable somehow. Why did I have to choose the largest instrument in the orchestra? Why not a flute or violin? Even a string bass would have been easier to cart around. So I couldn’t help but smile, and be a little envious there’s not a harp version…yet…when I came across the most portable ‘instrument’ around, short of the human voice that is. I’m sure the technology will only improve, but for about $30 there’s a t-shirt, an actual cloth t-shirt that is also a functioning electronic guitar. Continue reading

Plastic Ocean…What Now?

So what to do about all that plastic in our oceans? In Algae Marine Research Foundation founder Charles Moore’s words, the only thing we can do is stop polluting and hope the system can clean itself up in the in hundreds of years…[and give the ocean] time to spit it… Continue reading

Plastic Garbage for the Albatross' Dinner

We have virtually instant access these days to an almost unimaginable wealth of information. Just type a search into Google or your engine of choice, and the world is at your fingertips, almost literally. But it comes at a price. For with all the stuff we want to see, comes… Continue reading