Eco-Friendly Power Gadgets

So we have our stuff, and some of it requires power. How about some environmentally friendly power stuff to go with it? Thanks to supply and demand, and all that talking we can do to manufacturers with our wallets, more and more enviro options continue to emerge. I do believe… Continue reading

Three Little Words…Not Those

Taking a more light hearted approach to death today. But before I go on, if for some reason you’ve never seen Meet Joe Black, but plan to one day, maybe you better not read any further. I don’t want to spoil anything. Thus the rather vague title of the post… Continue reading

Stuffed Up With Stuff

Stuff. We do seem to like it. And collect it. And move it around. And around again and again someplace else. Hopefully in the process we get more enjoyment from it than it costs. Both to the wallet and to our sense of freedom. Tied down to all that stuff.… Continue reading

Hope Springs Eternal or a Kernel

I closed yesterday’s post with a mention of hope. Hope that such petitions can effect change, or at least have a significant impact. Hope too for the day when such petitions are no longer needed. Hope for respect and compassion towards all living things. And a hope I’ll always believe… Continue reading

Working with Semantics

Yesterday’s musings on work-life balance as opposed to that of life-work, got me thinking about another choice of words. Why don’t we say work-play balance instead? Isn’t the opposite of work more accurately ‘play’ than ‘life’? And wouldn’t the opposite then to pair with ‘life’, more accurately be ‘death’? Now… Continue reading