My Headaches Are Part of Me

One of my headaches. I say that. One of my not a. Maybe I’m just so familiar with them, they’ve been with me off and on for so long, they feel like part of the family, mine. Or maybe it’s because by possessing them, making them my own in some… Continue reading

Mermaid Tears – Plastic Health Danger

Besides the dangers of ocean plastic consumption to the albatross and other birds and marine life, there are the dangers to the entire food chain. By being the animal who eats those who have eaten others, we have no real predator ourselves. As such, we humans ultimately get all the… Continue reading

Freeze-Dried Food Freedom

Believe it or not, there’s actually one thing I don’t like about frozen raw pet food – it needs power to keep it frozen. Well, at least where we live. Maybe a move to the Arctic is worth considering… But when the food supply for your animals depends on freezers,… Continue reading

Green Tripe Nutritional Gold

Just what is green tripe? Let’s just say, I try to forget I’m a vegetarian when I think of what I feed the carnivores in our family… There’s detailed information available at , which includes, “tripe is the stomach of ruminating animals. These animals (i.e. cattle, buffalo, sheep, deer,… Continue reading

Coffee in Stainless Steel Please

At one time or another, it seems like we’re told just about everything is both good and bad for us. Do this, no, do that. I remember years ago they, the all-knowing mysterious ‘they’, were saying lettuce caused cancer. Of course, obstinate me postured of course it does, everything can,… Continue reading

Simply Fido Organic Dog Toys

For those of you with canine family members, there’s a great company I discovered a few years ago that I’d like to recommend. Simply Fido makes certified organic dog toys, many with up to 5 dog-popular squeakers inside. While not the only company to be organic, they are the only… Continue reading

Nature's Cat Food

We had already seen many dramatic health improvements from feeding raw to our animals: better coats, weight control, breath and teeth, body functions in general, healthier immune systems, and just plain friskier with more energy. But about five years ago another rather big diet modification became necessary. This incredible cat… Continue reading

What's in Dinner for Cats and Dogs

Those who know me, know I have looked long and hard at what I feed the animals in my care – members of the family in every sense of the word. What began as a search for answers to problems that stumped all the veterinarians we saw, ended up leading… Continue reading

Functional Medicine

In a couple of earlier posts I spoke of homeopathy, a medicinal art I feel very passionate about and have seen do amazing things. But that does not mean I don’t look to other ways of healing as well. Alternative, complementary, integrative medicine, whatever name you want to use, there… Continue reading

What's In Dinner?

I saw a commercial today that actually made an interesting point. It spoke of the much greater frequency of the question, “What’s for dinner?” rather than, “What’s in dinner?” Change one simple little preposition and the entire meaning changes. While advertising a product I would still not consider all that… Continue reading