My Headaches Are Part of Me

One of my headaches. I say that. One of my not a. Maybe I’m just so familiar with them, they’ve been with me off and on for so long, they feel like part of the family, mine. Or maybe it’s because by possessing them, making them my own in some… Continue reading

Three Little Words…Not Those

Taking a more light hearted approach to death today. But before I go on, if for some reason you’ve never seen Meet Joe Black, but plan to one day, maybe you better not read any further. I don’t want to spoil anything. Thus the rather vague title of the post… Continue reading

Stuffed Up With Stuff

Stuff. We do seem to like it. And collect it. And move it around. And around again and again someplace else. Hopefully in the process we get more enjoyment from it than it costs. Both to the wallet and to our sense of freedom. Tied down to all that stuff.… Continue reading

Toto Watch Out For Dr. Oz

I have a sick feeling in my stomach as I write this. In fact I wish I didn’t have to talk about this subject. That it just didn’t exist. But it does. I posted recently about the recent tragedies at SeaWorld – both the death of trainer Dawn Brancheau and… Continue reading

Whales Au Naturel

I just saw an incredible clip of Jean-Michel Cousteau commenting on that tragedy at SeaWorld, and so want to share it below. In 2 minutes, he provides so much information and understanding of the situation, all intercut with video of orcas both free in the ocean, and captive in tanks.… Continue reading

Tilikum in a Tub

The tragic death last week of a trainer at SeaWorld in Florida, seems to have re-energized the long-standing debate over animal captivity. While I in no way wish to minimize the loss and devastation of this trainer’s family and friends, I can’t help but wonder just when will we stop… Continue reading