What’s New As We Hit Post 100 Today

Hard to believe it’s already been a hundred days and a hundred posts since I started this blog. And yet at the same time, I almost can’t remember not writing here daily. Of course what does that say about my memory then? But once you start doing something you place… Continue reading

Powerless…A Great Comfort

Anthony Hopkins just has a way of saying things, and I’m talking beyond the famous Hannibal Lecter Chianti line. One phrase that has stayed with me, and that I can still hear in my head at will, is from Meet Joe Black. As Bill Parish at his birthday celebration, he… Continue reading

Palindrome of the Lost Generation…Not

Lost Generation video
I was sent a cool little video that’s bit of a different take on the traditional palindrome. Instead of the usual Madam, I’m Adam letter by letter technical palindrome, this 1 minute 44 second video is palindromic line by line. It takes the idea of word-order palindromes to another level with whole lines getting reversed here.

While listening, it’s even more effective and impressive to read along as the words scroll by. I liked not trying to think ahead, or read ahead; trying not to imagine what the opposite direction would be like as it was scrolling forward. It made it that much better to then see it unfold backwards later. Continue reading

My Headaches Are Part of Me

One of my headaches. I say that. One of my not a. Maybe I’m just so familiar with them, they’ve been with me off and on for so long, they feel like part of the family, mine. Or maybe it’s because by possessing them, making them my own in some… Continue reading

Does the Size of Numbers Matter?

We often hear how X number of millions or billions, or even trillions of dollars have been spent doing such and such. Or how many carbon emissions are being spewed or credits traded. Like with anything we hear often enough, we can become almost desensitized to it. The numbers don’t… Continue reading

Earth Lifetime Not Earth Hour

Happy Earth Hour! Lights out for an hour. But not me. Surprising to hear? Let me explain my thinking. On the surface it may seem an admirable energy saving idea, and a way to bring home the importance of energy conservation, of valuing the earth. But does it not also… Continue reading