Hope Springs Eternal or a Kernel

I closed yesterday’s post with a mention of hope. Hope that such petitions can effect change, or at least have a significant impact. Hope too for the day when such petitions are no longer needed. Hope for respect and compassion towards all living things. And a hope I’ll always believe… Continue reading

Why Daylight Saving Time?

Here we are again. Another first Monday after the annual ritual of springing ahead. Why do we do this to ourselves? Or more importantly, why are we forced to do so? Why do we rather arbitrarily have to adjust our internal clocks back and forth? Like a little time teeter… Continue reading

Absurd News to Porch Light Peeve

You know how certain crazy and really inconsequential news stories can sometimes become far bigger than their limited significance warrants? I’m thinking things like Balloon Boy or Tiger’s indiscretions. I have a theory about why such stories catch our interest despite our best efforts to dismiss them. Let me know… Continue reading

Working with Semantics

Yesterday’s musings on work-life balance as opposed to that of life-work, got me thinking about another choice of words. Why don’t we say work-play balance instead? Isn’t the opposite of work more accurately ‘play’ than ‘life’? And wouldn’t the opposite then to pair with ‘life’, more accurately be ‘death’? Now… Continue reading