Water from Plastic Bottles or the Tap

It’s really interesting, and a walk down memory lane, to be reminded how there was a time not that long ago when the idea of selling bottled water would have been almost laughable. Sure we’ll pay for a bottle of flavoured liquid, but plain ordinary water? Crazy. And yet it’s… Continue reading

The Indestructible Roll-Up Computer Keyboard

As computers advance, it seems we just keep moving smaller. Desktops to laptops to netbooks to tablets. And that’s not even counting the countless phones and PDAs that have teeny keyboards best suited to a newborn size finger or thumb. Greater portability and that ever important cuteness factor are all… Continue reading

What’s New As We Hit Post 100 Today

Hard to believe it’s already been a hundred days and a hundred posts since I started this blog. And yet at the same time, I almost can’t remember not writing here daily. Of course what does that say about my memory then? But once you start doing something you place… Continue reading

No to Hallucinogenic Anesthesia for Animals

Life is best when you and your loved ones all feel great. Nothing drives this point home more than when one member falls ill. And this subject is always easier to discuss when the former is your reality. Sometimes it’s easier to prepare ahead of time for what may lie… Continue reading

Follow-up on Simply Fido Organic Dog Toys

A couple of months ago I wrote about some wonderful organic dog toys made by Simply Fido. I discussed the big advantages, and in my opinion great importance of going organic, and not toxic for something our dogs are going to chew on, and end up partially ingesting. Company information/background:… Continue reading

Dog ID Canister Meets USB Drive

When I posted about a cute and tiny USB flash drive there was also a silly photo of a dog wearing one. It was sent to ThinkGeek.com in jest by someone who observed that dogs have important files they need to store too. Well it turns out, there already something… Continue reading

A Whale of a Meal – Sweatpants, Golf Ball, and Plastic…

I realize I’ve been posting rather a lot lately about the environment, and while that is very dear to my heart, many other subjects are also worthy of attention. That said however, I came across a very timely adjunct to some of my other posts that I really must share.… Continue reading

Happy Earth and Avatar DVD Release Day

A couple of days ago, I listed a few companies with special Earth Day offers, noting the irony of consumption on this occasion. Speaking of other marketing campaigns, here’s one tailor made for Earth Day. The April 22nd 2010 release of Avatar on DVD and Blu-ray. It almost seems designed… Continue reading

In Awe of the Earth’s Power

The recent spate of earthquakes around the world, and the continuing volcanic eruption under the Eyjafjallajokull glacier in Iceland are an impressive though frightening reminder of the power of nature. The Icelandic volcano that has thrown the airline industry has now started producing lava and is finally spewing less ash… Continue reading